Virtual Villagers - The Secret City

Virtual Villagers - The Secret City

Help your people and teach your tribe how to survive in Isola Island
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Little villagers need you and your guidance to survive in this mysterious Island Isola. The main objective of this game is to teach each person in your island different skills according to their details and abilities. You must teach them to build, to repair, to hunt, to explore, to heal sick people, and to research, among others. You will solve 16 puzzles with the help of the people on your community. This game will challenge your patient, and your ability to learn and to find some special things and items. This game allows you to Play a game, start over, to set options like music sound and full screen, to check help and to exit the game. In order to play all you need is your mouse, move your mouse over the villager that you need and click left mouse button to place him correctly to make an activity. Move around the place, explore your island and collect different objects for bonus points.
To reach new levels you must complete certain buildings and tasks, don't leave people working on their own or they will not learn and will not finish their task.

Birgilio Rivera
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